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Should I Cut Out Dairy From My Diet?

You’ve all seen the food pyramid with dairy as one of the major food groups. From milk to cheese to yogurt, we’ve all been taught since childhood to add dairy to our diet for strong bones. However, a change of opinion is taking place among many nutritionists; they believe dairy actually isn’t nec...

The Best Diet for Low Cholesterol

The Best Diet for Low Cholesterol Especially at this time of the year, you hear much about dieting. People packed on the pounds during the holidays and are trying to rid themselves of the extra weight. Whether it’s for a New Year’s resolution or just a desire to be healthier, many search for the ...

Muscle and Health

Muscle and Health Principles by Jeff Feliciano Drink plenty of water Water is the essence of life. It is the essence of health, so it is one of the cornerstones of muscle gain. If you are under-hydrated, you are not providing your body with an ideal environment for muscular growth, and, in fact,...